In my entire career of 15+ years, one common phrase used by most of the clients was “Low cost Automation“. Many service providers including me, were left scrambling to meet this primary condition. Of course, in this quest, , many amongst us, lost focus on the end goal and allowing scope for  expansions. I  put forth a few suggestions requesting all decision makers to consider.

First and foremost to bear, let not the phrase “Low cost without compromise on quality” be a mere slogan. Make an evaluation and assessment on quality of materials, service for the present and the future too. Second, brand and make alone does not play a key role in providing a solution of quality. In any solution involving design and algorithm, quality can be ascertained by the assessing the person or company providing such solution. The assessment is to be made on the person’s experience, expansive knowledge and a sound understanding of the requirement. Only this can help in ensuring quality in the end solution.

In short, let price be the final point for assessment.